Hives Treatment

Hives Treatment

Information about Hives Treatment Hives (medically called "utricaria") is a skin allergic reaction that appears as raised red or pale welts on the skin. Hives rash look like mosquito bites and cause a great deal of itching on the skin. Hives appear in clusters in various parts of the body and their sizes and shapes also tend to change. The areas which are mostly affected by hives are arms, legs back and torso.

The various symptoms and indications of hives have been described in this website. Information regarding the appearance of hives, explanation of chronic hives, angiedema and related features of hives are given here. As has been explained above hives is a result of severe allergic reaction to allergens. The skin flares up into itchy raised patches that may persist more than two to three days.

The actual causes of hives have been discussed in detail in this page. Establishing the causative factor that might have triggered the allergic reaction on the body is also a challenge. Hives could have been caused by food allergens or non-food allergens. Emotional stress, fluctuations in weather temperatures etc are known to trigger allergic reactions similar to hives. Hives is part of autoimmune system of the body. The mechanism of antibody production as a reaction to allergens has been provided in detail in this page here.

In most of the cases, hives are harmless skin allergic reactions which disappear without any medication, on their own. It is only when the hives rash persist more than a week and is associated with severe itching that one should rush to get the right medical treatment. Severe forms of hives persisting more than 6 weeks are called as chronic hives.

Hives can be treated in various different ways like Home remedies for hives, Natural treatment, Holistic treatment, Herbal Treatment, Homeopathic treatment all this are described in Hives Treatment.

Treatment of chronic hives and swelling of face, tongue (angiedema) is possible with the regular application of anti-histamine drugs or even oral corticosterones. If you wish to find the right treatment to get rid of hives rash, then you will find that anti-histamine drugs, oral steroids and even home-made natural remedies are effective in battling hives out! Their preparation techniques, application dosages and benefits are discussed in this column. Hives treatment should be combined with drinking nerve-calming teas and application of anti-histamine lotions or sprays. Avoiding the allergen that might have triggered the onset of hives is another approach to battle the problem of hives.

Hives can also affect smaller children resulting in similar allergic reaction that is commonly seen in adults. Hives in children must be treated expediently and with caution as the condition of hives is highly irritating and can cause severe itching. Only in the case of children, it has been observed that certain fungal, bacterial or even viral infections trigger the onset of hives. Better hygiene and avoiding the common allergen is an important mechanism to avoid triggering hives reaction. This site provides information on how the problem of hives in children can be tackled.

Pregnancy induced hormones are known to stretch the skin and cause associated itching on the body. Hives is also a common problem that many pregnant women face. It has been observed that hives related skin allergic reactions are more common during first time pregnancy. In subsequent pregnancies, hives may or may not appear on the skin. Hives during pregnancy is harmless to the child and the mother. However, the problem of hives is very disturbing to a woman as it is associated with severe itching and restlessness. The condition of hives is found to dissipate after a few hours of delivery of the baby. The special care of the mother during pregnancy, treatment prescribed during these times and related details are discussed in great depth in this page.

Here, a reader would find answers to the myriad questions that pop up in the minds when people are discussing the condition of hives, their treatment and the possible causes that would have triggered the hives rash. The most frequently asked questions on the field of hives and their treatment are about the infectious nature of hives, how stress can cause hives, the best treatment that can solve the problem of hives and lastly, symptoms, treatment and care after chronic hive etc have been described in this column.

Hives rash occur in 20% of the population and is similar to what most people give when they get allergic reaction with hay, called as hay fever. Hives treatment can specifically target the auto-immune system of the body, but since it is an allergic reaction, you may have to learn to live with it and prevent future onslaughts of hives reaction.

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