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Hives Leave Scar

Hives are the red, raised and itchy welts of various sizes that can appear on the surface of the skin. They can appear anywhere on the body and usually last from few hours to a day; however they can reappear back for months if continual exposure to the allergen takes place. It is important for you to consult with your dermatologist to find the treatment that's best for you. Hives will not leave scares if people do proper treatment.

Hives hardly cause any sort of scarring because they don't usually lead to breaks in the skin. Unfortunately in rare cases, scarring takes place after the hives disappear. It usually occurs from scratching the rash. Therefore it is advisable to avoid scratching the affected area. Scarring can also occur when swelling is left in the skin from the hives as that can encourage excess melanin to accumulate and result in scar tissue. You need not worry about the scar caused by hives as they usually fade over time if not severe. Some of the tips for getting rid of scars from hives are mentioned below.

Tips to get rid of scars from hives:

  1. Talk about your treatment options with your dermatologist. They will evaluate the state of your skin to determine which prescription ointments will help to lighten scars from your skin.
  2. At times doctors suggest steroid injections for raised scars. On the other hand, collagen can fill in pitted skin. Though it is not permanent and will involve a long- term commitment.
  3. You can apply a thin layer of tropical corticosteroid to the scars as this reduces any residual swelling sand stops the excess production of melanin.
  4. For deeper scars, dermatologist can suggest surgery. It is important for you to choose an experienced cosmetic surgeon for the surgery.
  5. Apply topical hydroquinone on the scar area. It helps to break the clusters of melanin caused by the left behind swelling.
  6. Skin rejuvenation procedure such as chemical peels, dermabrasion and even microdermabrasion can all help to get rid of the scars by stripping away the surface skin cells.
  7. Rub a tropical lightener containing either glycolic acid or azelaic acid over the scars. Sometimes these ointments can lighten the scars left on the skin.

If any liniment causes an allergic reaction, immediately stop using. Always remember that the scarred skin is extra sensitive to reactions. Therefore it is advisable to consult experienced dermatologist if you face scars from hives.